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US Pricing

Prices are in US Dollars ($ USD) and include Postage & Handling.

Following payment the StitchCraft license will be provided as a download.

Covid Update

During the Covid pandemic our preference for software delivery has been via download only. This has been for two reasons:

  • Reduced flights out of Australia and reduced postal services across the world lead to uncertainty of shipment delivery.
  • As a backup disk the risk of transmission of Covid 19 through package handling is viewed as unnecessary.

We will continue a download only delivery policy. In addition to the download we are therefore offering the option of either:

  • a $20AUD refund via Paypal
  • OR
  • a free upgrade to the next version of StitchCraft when it is launched.

We are working towards a version release at the end of 2021 or early 2022.
The free upgrade would be for the same Edition purchased. For example, if you purchase a current Home Edition you would receive a download to the current version and then a free downloadable upgrade to the new version of Home Edition when it becomes available.

Unless expressly requested we will not be sending USB hardware locks for the Designer & Publisher Editions. We will instead offer a free upgrade to the new version when it is launched.

The offer of a free upgrade to the next version of the Designer & Publisher Editions extends back to all Designer & Publisher Edition purchases from January 2020.

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