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StitchCraft 2002

Whilst StitchCraft 2002 is only a minor upgrade it is still packed with features and improvements to make designing quicker and easier.

As usual, many of StitchCraft’s new features and improvements have been chosen by popular request, don't forget if you have a suggestion we are always happy to hear them.

What's New and Improved?

Neat Navigation HomeDesPub
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel Support
  • Right Click Menus
  • Mouse Over Messages
    New Tools and Features HomeDesPub
  • Stitch Outline
  • Warnings and Messages
    Customisation Plus HomeDesPub
  • Advanced Printing Settings
  • Coloured Centermarks
  • Improved Ruler
  • Variable Thread Strands
  • Custom Conversion Color Quantities
  • Customise Thread, Bead and Material Colors
    Updated Ranges HomeDesPub
  • Updated Thread Ranges
  • Updated Bead Ranges
    More Improvements HomeDesPub
  • Refresh Screen is Back
  • Clearer Color Picker
  • Better Handling of Large Charts
  • Improved Bead Simulation