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New palette features
Control of the palette is essential to good designing. The features below are just a few ways we have made the palette easier to use.

When a color is used from the palette, its number is highlighted by white. In the palette below, numbers 2, 4, and 6 have been used. Now you can see which palette entries are used at a glance. The new Auto Invert Symbols option will invert all symbols on dark colors where they are hard to see. Unlike the old method, where dark colors had to be changed to plain black, the Auto Invert changes the symbol to white and leaves the color in place.

The new color picker shows all the colors on screen like a shade card. Now

the color picker will show the old color compared to the new color you’ve chosen. When selecting colors by catalog numbers, the color picker makes it quicker to find colors that go together, because the selected color is shown in context with the other colors in the range.